Courtney here with our first (of hopefully many) blog posts for the 2017 year. Recently I had a design/wakeup crisis with my to-be Mr. and immediately messaged Christina expaining this experience was one for the blog.

Do any of you readers go to bed scrolling through your phone and wake up to the same? Yeah, us too. The phone holds (basically) our lives on it, including the functionality of an alarm. Most recently, our two little digital devices both failed us - going from 42% to dead as a door nail in the middle of the night. Cool on the weekend - not so much when I have a 7.30 AM meeting. Decision made the second my eyes opened in panic - we are getting a clock that plugs in OR has batteries - a good 'ole fashioned alarm clock! 

It was pure disappointment at Target that evening when I walk up to options of alarms. There were five - one without Disney characters on it. Super! So I purchased the one, but it has yet to be taken out of the bag and fully intend to return. Before some research, I was holding on to hope someone still made stylish, yet functional alarm clocks. Alas, I found some options for all design styles..

Transitional:  Bedside Alarm Clock

Transitional: Bedside Alarm Clock

Traditional:  Mother of Pearl Clock
Mid-Century Modern:  Bai Designer Pick-Me-Up

Mid-Century Modern: Bai Designer Pick-Me-Up

Vintage Eclectic: Mercury Row Daphnis 

Vintage Eclectic: Mercury Row Daphnis 

Modern:  Mescoo Cube

Modern: Mescoo Cube

Although the Wake-Up-Light is intriguing, we may go with the Transitional styled alarm clock for our room! Is anyone else in the market? Which will you choose?