One of the greatest things about Summer is its VIBE! From pool parties and barbecues to major fashion moments, Summer is one of those seasons that you just have to love! We do love a good "summer Friday" as much as the next entrepreneur, but this summer Polish is trying to stay focused on the biz - even with all the sunshine! With that, here are our five top tips on how to balance work and play: 

1.) Summer is all about adventure, so why can't meetings be? One way we've kept on task so far this summer is this blog series,  Designers Who Dine, which allows us a chance to explore Indy's fab culinary and interior design attributes while we discuss our business. This month we visited Spoke and Steele, a delicious downtown restaurant with mid-century modern decor that makes your mouth drop. 

2.) Fresh and invigorating flavors surround Summer. Apply this concept to your marketing! What can you do that's new and exciting? How can you spice up something that's a classic? Encourage your team to get creative to keep them interested! 

3.) Host a "summer Friday" appreciation party. Show your team you know its hard to be in the office 9-5 when the sun is beaming through their Ray-Bans! Have a Friday afternoon cocktail hour or host a small gathering at a local sporting event to show them you get it! 

4.) If the sunshine is calling your name, take your work outside. There is no reason you can't be productive while you get a good base coat! Soak up that Vitamin D while you blast out emails instead of giving up for the day - trust us, your workload will appreciate it just as much as your skin! 

5.) What would summer be without a vaca? As a company you should be proactive and considerate - make sure your team knows they are welcome to take summer break to get some well deserved R&R!!! Everyone knows you come back with refreshed mojo after a nice break! 

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