While Spring hasn’t exactly arrived in Indianapolis, our business Spring cleaning has been well underway for some time! We sat down last week at Crispy Bird to enjoy the delicious menu paired with a side of business! 

First things first - Design! A playful yet sophisticated ambiance permeates through this space like the wonderful smell of fried chicken. Details like the natural wood walls, sleek black seating, open shelves, floral booth seats, fabulous art and playful wallpaper (yes, in the bathrooms - my favorite part of the whole restaurant) all combine to create a beautifully curated space. Don’t forget that the food complements the decor with its fab presentation and flavor pairings that make your taste buds dance. I may be biased because I am a huge Martha Hoover fan, but I have to say she has nailed it again!

Now, back to business - “Spring Cleaning”! Courtney and I are always trying to work smarter not harder so we decided to look at our company’s productivity by analyzing a few aspects of how we spend our time.  Previously, we marinated on the following topics and revisited them while we indulged on the kale and hydro bibb salads:

1.) How do we spend our time? We documented what activities we do each day for a week so we could capitalize on any opportunity to make things more efficient. Our main goal was to determine if we need more staff and if so, what type of position are we looking for?!

2.) How can we improve our training process? As boss babes, we want to offer our team the best guidance and professional development without monopolizing our own time! This is always challenging and we continue to work on procedures and training manuals to increase our professional development. 

3.) What do we want to do? As business owners, we tend to have our hands in everything! Having a partner makes it a little easier, but we still have to determine what we can and can’t delegate. We have to decide how we can continue to maintain our brand while also letting go, which I find is much harder than one thinks!

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