They play, sleep, work, and may even eat with you. So why not include a functional pet-friendly design element (such as a dog feeding station) in your home? If you’re anything like us, we LOVE our pets and consider them family, which is why we enjoy incorporating creative, pet-friendly design selections when possible.

Here are some reasons why we think dog feeding stations are the best thing EVER:

  1. Functionality. Including a built-in feeding station in your kitchen island provides easy access to a nearby sin, allowing you to fill a water bowl with minimal effort. You could also integrate a pot filler above the bowls- how genius is that?! Because the bowls are built-in, they will no longer be constantly moved or tipped over creating that awful mess. With a hard surface such as quartz or granite, clean up will be a breeze when an accident does occur! If you have an aging dog, the raised bowl will properly support them without further discomfort. Functionality is key, friends.

  2. Prettiness Factor. Yes, we said it- pretty. Wouldn’t you rather have a beautifully designed, custom dog feeding station built into your gorgeous kitchen island instead of having random dog bowls in the corner standing out like an eye sore?! These food bowls can be easily incorporated and become a part of the sleek design concept. As designers, we believe functionality should also be beautiful- it’s the best of both worlds!

  3. Happy. Think about it- when you give your dog a brand new, squeaky (and annoying) chew toy, what is their reaction? Jumping, barking, tail wagging for joy of course! Now imagine introducing a brand new dog feeding station in your kitchen so that they can now have their own designated place to enjoy their food and water. A happy pet = a happy life. Our pets should have comfortable, well-designed spaces and niches to be happiest like their “people”!

Speaking of pets..

Here at Reveal by Polish, we decided that each quarter would be dedicated somehow to a unique non-profit. This quarter, we will be giving back 5% of our pillow sales to help our furry-friends at Indy Humane. https://indyhumane.org

Pillows for Paws

Shop our one-of-a-kind, custom made pillows here online, or in person! Your purchase will be greatly appreciated by not only us, but all of the furry friends at Indy Humane.